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N5 Grammar List

1) 前に
Meaning(s): Before A (occurs/happens), B
2) あとで
Meaning(s): After A
3) 時
Meaning(s): At the time A
4) 中/中
Meaning(s): Throughout A, all over A, during the course of A
5) から~まで
Meaning(s): From A until B

Secondary Verbs
1) ている
Meaning(s): Describes a state after the action A takes place.
2) てある
Meaning(s): Describes a state after the action A takes place.

Verb Suffixes
1) たい
Meaning(s): Want to A
2) ながら
Meaning(s): While A, B
3) てから
Meaning(s): After doing A
4) たりたりする
Meaning(s): Do things like A and B; states/conditions like A and B
5) ましょう
Meaning(s): Let's A (together)
6) ませんか
Meaning(s): Let's A (together, polite); Would you like to A; Won't you A?
7) ます/ません
Meaning(s): Polite, present form of verb A
8) ました/ませんでした
Meaning(s): Polite, past form of verb A
9) Present Casual
Meaning(s): Casual, present positive form of A
10) Past Casual
Meaning(s): Casual, past positive form of A

1) という~
Meaning(s): B is called A
2) でしょう
Meaning(s): I think A; Probably A
3) まだ
Meaning(s): A still exists, still doing A, A is still occuring
4) もう
Meaning(s): A has already occurred/been done.

Change and Cause/Effect
1) なる
Meaning(s): To become A
2) から
Meaning(s): Because A
3) て、~で
Meaning(s): Since A; As A
4) くする/にする
Meaning(s): To make A; To change into A.

Asking and Telling
1) がほしい
Meaning(s): I want A
2) てください
Meaning(s): Please do A
3) をください
Meaning(s): Please give me A
4) ないでください
Meaning(s): Please don't do A
5) をくださいませんか
Meaning(s): Please give me A (polite)
6) て下さいませんか
Meaning(s): Please do A (polite)

1) で
Meaning(s): At A, in A
2) に
Meaning(s): In A, on A, at A
3) を
Meaning(s): Over A, across A, along A
4) も
Meaning(s): As many/much as A
5) が
Meaning(s): A, but/however B
6) か
Meaning(s): Forms the question form of the sentence A
7) へ
Meaning(s): Go to A, head to A
8) や
Meaning(s): A and B (shows a non-exhaustive list of items)
9) わ
Meaning(s): (weakly) marks an assertion or intention A
10) よ
Meaning(s): Indicates certainty or emphasis in A
11) ね
Meaning(s): Requests confirmation from the listener about A
12) の
Meaning(s): A's B (shows possession)
13) と
Meaning(s): A and B (and C,etc..)

1) しか~ない
Meaning(s): Only A, no more than A
2) くらいだ/ぐらいだ
Meaning(s): A non-exact amount A, Around/about A
3) あまり~ない
Meaning(s): Not very A, doesn't do A very much (only a little)
4) たち
Meaning(s): Forms the plural of A
5) がた
Meaning(s): (Polite) forms the plural of A
6) だけ
Meaning(s): Only A、Just A

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