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N1 Grammar List

1) ずにすませる
Meaning(s): Get something done without doing A
2) をかわきりに
Meaning(s): Starting with A
3) をもって(すれば)
Meaning(s): With the means/ability/strength A, B is done
4) はさておき
Meaning(s): A aside; putting A aside, B (new topic)
5) かねて
Meaning(s): Also for the purpose of A
6) だけではすまない
Meaning(s): Doing A is not going to suffice; it's not going to end with just A
7) なりとも
Meaning(s): At least (a little bit) of A (usually a small amount)
8) うが~うが
Meaning(s): Whether A or B
9) どんなに~うが
Meaning(s): No matter what A, no matter how A
10) も~なら、も~だ
Meaning(s): Both A/B and C/D are bad.
11) のやら
Meaning(s): I wonder A B, I don't know A B
12) とも~とも
Meaning(s): Whether A or B
13) というか~というか
Meaning(s): (not sure if it's) A or B
14) させていただきます/させてもらいます
Meaning(s): Allow me to A

1) なり~なり
Meaning(s): A or B (lists options/actions, of which one will be chosen/done)
2) かれ~かれ
Meaning(s): A or B
3) に
Meaning(s): A and B (as a set)
4) と相まって
Meaning(s): Along with A
5) だの
Meaning(s): A and B (giving examples from a list)

1) んばかり
Meaning(s): Seems like A, Seems as if A (will occur soon)
2) まみれ
Meaning(s): Covered in A (negative condition)
3) ごとく,ごとき
Meaning(s): Like A, as if A
4) なりに,なりの,それなり
Meaning(s): In A's own way, in a(n) A way
5) めく
Meaning(s): To show signs of A, to give the appearance of A
6) とばかりに
Meaning(s): As if A (was true), Giving the impression of A
7) たるもの
Meaning(s): Those who are A, That which is A
8) とは/というのは
Meaning(s): Defines a term/phrase A as B; The meaning of A is B
9) にかたくない
Meaning(s): It's not hard to A
10) きりがない
Meaning(s): There's no end to A, there's no bounds to A
11) きわまる
Meaning(s): Extremely A, could not be more A
12) びる
Meaning(s): Seems A, becoming A, acting like A
13) ぶる
Meaning(s): Acts like A, pretends as if A
14) ぶり
Meaning(s): The condition/state of A
15) もなんともない
Meaning(s): Not A at all (emphasis)
16) ざる
Meaning(s): B that doesn't/isn't A
17) よう
Meaning(s): The way that A, the condition of A
18) のやら
Meaning(s): It can't be said to be only A or B (opposites)..

Based/Focused/Depending on
1) にそくして
Meaning(s): In accordance with A, Keeping A in mind, In keeping with A
2) うと~まいと,うが~まいが
Meaning(s): Whether or not A (is/occurs)
3) いかんにかかわらず,いかんによらず
Meaning(s): Regardless of A (A is a reason, response, result)
4) いかんでは,いかんによっては
Meaning(s): Considering A, depending on A
5) はどうあれ
Meaning(s): Whatever the A, regardless of the A
6) をふまえて
Meaning(s): Based on A
7) を前ていとして
Meaning(s): With A in mind, Thinking of A
8) によらず
Meaning(s): Regardless of A
9) と言わせれば
Meaning(s): From the viewpoint of A
10) のもと/をもと
Meaning(s): Under the guidance/direction of A (usually a person)

1) にもまして
Meaning(s): Moreso than the time/period A, B (condition)
2) にひきかえ
Meaning(s): In contrast to A
3) にこしたことはない
Meaning(s): It's better if A, it's better if it's A
4) にはおよばない
Meaning(s): Doesn't reach the level/ability A; can't compete with A
5) とはくらべ物にならない
Meaning(s): It's no match for A, It's so different to A that it can't be compared

1) にかかわる
Meaning(s): Relating to A, concerning A
2) ときたら
Meaning(s): As for person/thing A, B (surprising/negative info)
3) をよそに
Meaning(s): Without regards to A, Ignoring A, Despite A
4) にいたって
Meaning(s): As for A, when it comes to the example A
5) としたところで、としたって
Meaning(s): Even from the viewpoint (of) A

1) といえども
Meaning(s): Even if A, even though A
Meaning(s): Even though A, although it is said that A
3) と思いきや
Meaning(s): Even though A (was thought/expected), different result B
4) ものを
Meaning(s): Although A, (unfortunate result) B
5) とは
Meaning(s): States surprise/emotion at A
6) くらいなら
Meaning(s): I would prefer (doing) B over A
7) もしないで
Meaning(s): Even though (subject) doesn't/don't A
8) たら~たで
Meaning(s): Although A is generally good, (followed by an 'alternate' statement/option)
9) こそあれ
Meaning(s): Although A (A is some negative attribute)
10) こそすれ
Meaning(s): B is definitely not so (strongly emphasized)
11) こそ~が
Meaning(s): Although A is B (strong emphasis)
12) とはうら腹
Meaning(s): Contrary to A, opposite of A, ...

1) といったところだ
Meaning(s): Display an amount/level/degree A (程度)
2) といったらない/といったらありはしない
Meaning(s): Extremely A, Very A, A beyond description
3) のいたり
Meaning(s): Very A
4) きわみ/きわまりない
Meaning(s): Extremely A
5) かぎりだ
Meaning(s): Very A
6) ずくめ
Meaning(s): Completely A, entirely A
7) からある,からの
Meaning(s): Over A (stresses large amounts)
8) にいたるまで
Meaning(s): Up until A; as far as A
9) や
Meaning(s): A or B (small amount)
10) という~
Meaning(s): All A, every A, this (very) A
11) をさかいに
Meaning(s): A is set as a border/limit
12) ぐるみ
Meaning(s): All of A, the entire A
13) 並み
Meaning(s): The level of A, at the same level/degree as A
14) にかぎった事ではない
Meaning(s): It's not limited to A, it's not only A
15) 以下
Meaning(s): Less than A, under/below A (amount)
16) まくる
Meaning(s): To do A a lot/incessantly

1) ばそれまでだ
Meaning(s): If A happens, it's over (nothing will be of use)
2) なしに
Meaning(s): Without A, without doing A
3) うものなら
Meaning(s): If A, bad/unfortunate result B
4) なくして
Meaning(s): Without A, B (can't be done, wouldn't be, etc.)
5) とあれば
Meaning(s): If A (strong emphasis)
6) もさることながら
Meaning(s): While A is (true), B also; A is one thing, but B (as well)
7) ことなしには
Meaning(s): Without doing A, B
8) なら~なり
Meaning(s): If A/B is the case...

1) でなくてなんだろう
Meaning(s): It's definitely A (and not something else)
2) がてら
Meaning(s): Using A as an opportunity to B; Do A and B on the same occasion
3) てからというもの
Meaning(s): After A (happens), B changed (major change, everything changes)
4) かたわら
Meaning(s): While doing A, (B) (A is the main action)
5) たが最後
Meaning(s): Once A occurs, B happens (a continual result)
6) つ~つ
Meaning(s): Doing A and B (repeatedly, one after another)
7) かたがた
Meaning(s): Using A as an opportunity/chance/way to B
8) ものとする
Meaning(s): A is decided
9) ものとして
Meaning(s): To presume/assume A, to consider A (as true)
10) とみられる
Meaning(s): It is thought/said to (be) A
11) とみえる
Meaning(s): It seems that A
12) とされる
Meaning(s): It is said/believed/thought that A

Needs/ Requirements
1) にはあたらない
Meaning(s): There's no need to A, There's not enough so that A is necessary, it is not worth A
2) までもない
Meaning(s): It's not necessary for A (to be done)
3) ずにすむ
Meaning(s): Not doing A will suffice; Can get by without doing A
4) ないものでもない/ないでもない
Meaning(s): A is not completely impossible; A can be done to some extent
5) にたる,にたりる
Meaning(s): Enough to/for A, Sufficient for A, Worthy of A
6) ならでは
Meaning(s): B is only possible at/with A; If it's not A, B is impossible
7) でも差しつかえない
Meaning(s): It's OK if A, it doesn't matter if A
8) にはおよばない
Meaning(s): There is no need to A

(Not) Only/(Not) Even
1) ただ~のみだ
Meaning(s): Only A
2) までだ/までのことだ
Meaning(s): Only A (will be done)
3) うにも~ない
Meaning(s): Even if A is attempted/thought about, A can't be done (there is no way to A)
4) はおろか
Meaning(s): B, let alone A; B, not to mention A
5) であれ,であろうと
Meaning(s): Even A
6) すら,ですら
Meaning(s): Even A
7) たりとも
Meaning(s): (Not) Even A
8) をおいて~ない
Meaning(s): Other than A, B
9) ないまでも
Meaning(s): Even if A isn't done (it would be good if A was done...)
10) ただ~のみならず
Meaning(s): Not only A, not just A
11) たところで
Meaning(s): Even if A, although A (is done)
12) だに
Meaning(s): With just A, B
13) ずとも
Meaning(s): Even without (doing) A
14) にとどまらず
Meaning(s): Not only A (but also ...)
15) といわず
Meaning(s): Not just A, not just B, but ...
16) ぐらいのものだ
Meaning(s): Only A

Potential, Possibility
1) きらいがある
Meaning(s): There is a tendency to do A (bad/undesirable thing)
2) にたえる/にたえない
Meaning(s): Can't do A, can't stand/tolerate A
3) ずにはすまない/ないではすまない
Meaning(s): A must be done (it won't suffice if A isn't done).
4) まじき
Meaning(s): Not fit for A (when A is a person); A can/should not be done (is wrong)
5) そうもない
Meaning(s): A doesn't look possible; the chances of A are very low
6) べくもない
Meaning(s): Can't A, can't expect to A, cannot possibly A
7) べからざる
Meaning(s): Cannot A, definitely must not A
8) ならいざしらず
Meaning(s): I don't know about A, but B

Reason, Result, Response
1) しまつだ
Meaning(s): Denotes negative results A
2) あっての
Meaning(s): Because of A (strong emphasis), B
3) ゆえに
Meaning(s): Because of A
4) べく
Meaning(s): For the purpose of A, in order/an effort to A, B (is done)
5) んがため
Meaning(s): For the purpose of doing A
6) ばこそ
Meaning(s): Because of A (strong emphasis)
7) こととて
Meaning(s): Because A
8) といい~といい
Meaning(s): Based on A and B, considering A and B
9) ではあるまいし
Meaning(s): It's not like A, it isn't as if A
10) とあって
Meaning(s): Because of A, B
11) ときている
Meaning(s): Because of A
12) ては
Meaning(s): Since A, because of A

1) をかぎりに
Meaning(s): A marks the time that something ends/starts
2) や、やいなや
Meaning(s): As soon as A, B
3) にして
Meaning(s): At the time A, While A, At the stage/point A, B happens (B is important change/first time)
4) ところを
Meaning(s): Just when A, Just condition A (at condition A)
5) ともなると,ともなれば
Meaning(s): When (the time/situation) A
6) にあって
Meaning(s): During time/situation A
7) なり
Meaning(s): As soon as A (occurs), B
8) そばから
Meaning(s): As soon as A, B
9) ながらに,ながらの,ながらにして
Meaning(s): While A, during the condition A
10) に
Meaning(s): Every period of time A, B; Per A, B
11) に先がけて
Meaning(s): The earliest, very first in A; Ahead of A, in advance of A
12) をへて
Meaning(s): After A
13) を機に
Meaning(s): Use A as an opportunity (to do something)
14) が早いか
Meaning(s): As soon as A occurred, right after A
15) ては
Meaning(s): Every time that A happens, B
16) とみると
Meaning(s): As soon as/whenever A (is realized/noticed/understood)
17) をもって(すれば)
Meaning(s): A marks the end of something happening (polite)
18) ばかり
Meaning(s): Shows a continual/continuing negative change A
19) あかつきには
Meaning(s): After A, good thing/result B will happen/occur

Will, Decision, Doing
1) をよぎなくされる
Meaning(s): Must do A
2) べからず
Meaning(s): Shouldn't do A (A is forbidden)
3) ずにはおかない/ないではおかない
Meaning(s): Will definitely A, A will absolutely occur, bound to A
4) てやまない
Meaning(s): To (always) think/feel/hope/etc. A (strong emphasis)
5) をきんじえない
Meaning(s): Can't help but do A, can't hold back from A (emotional response to something)
6) をものともせず
Meaning(s): To defy A, in spite of A, to not lose to A
7) ともなく,ともなしに
Meaning(s): Doing A without thinking about it/intending to; To do A mindlessly
8) に
Meaning(s): Going/coming/returning to do A
9) てみせる
Meaning(s): To show (the action) A
10) ゃしない
Meaning(s): Don't/Doesn't A (at all)
11) ずじまい
Meaning(s): Haven't done A (regrettable action/state)
12) うか~まいか
Meaning(s): Whether to do A or B (do or not do)
13) ことのないように
Meaning(s): So as not to A
14) たことにする
Meaning(s): To do/act/pretend as if A is true (when it isn't)